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We are change experts passionate about helping young women discover happiness and purpose by exploring God's plan for their lives. Let's chat!

Life Coaching

A coach is a "change expert" who will assist you in achieving goals and will help you focus your efforts towards succeeding in ways you never dreamed possible. Coaching is about self-awareness, encouragement, direction, decision, and achievement. SRO offers these services and invites you to check out the information in more detail.


Be prepared to attend meetings where we leverage the latest and greatest technology to host web seminars, conferences, camps and retreats! Each event will be created to meet the needs of each participant with a strong emphasis on inner healing and forgiveness. We expect each girl to leave our events excited about the awesomeness of God and his life changing power. Keep watch for our updated calendar.

24/7 Prayer Support

This Chat Line is set-up to respond to you as quickly as possible and to lift you up in prayer immediately upon receipt of your questions and or prayer request. Our prayer counselors will be on call 24/7 to pray. More importantly, remember that God says YOU can call upon him in your time of need. He is always just a prayer away!